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I Woke Up Lax

I woke up tired this morning. An SMS message from my brother awaken my dreaming mind, almost already 6:30 in the morning. I still wanted to have my sleep as I really wasn’t feel like waking up yet. But he sent me too many, enough to make it hard for me to go back to my dozing mode. I wish I could have something to live on and choose among Apartments for rent in Minsk!

I live with two nice ladies in Buendia, and we all woke up almost at the same time. That’s it!! Nothing to post, hard to think what to share now, just some lax moments of mine. Anyways, it helped me break and went away from a bad dream, dream that made me weary. I can’t remember exactly what was it, all I know, it was bad because I was cathching my breath when I opened my eyes.


Till then,