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Rendezvous – A Jazz-Electropop Band

It’s really a nice feeling that you are somehow helping someone in your own little way. Really much appreciation and satisfaction will be gained if it is a costless one. Being generous isn’t hard.

Before this go off the title, let me share something to you, something that I am sure will be interesting especially to the music lover like me. There are many talented singers and misicans nowadays, competing and making names. Some become successful, some are not. And I just discovered a new band group that is about to launch their album this year, it’s a RENDEZVOUS – a talented jazz-electropop band that will surely make you astonish.


A little background of how Rendezvous formed – back in 2004 Itai Simon and Hagai Izenberg produced their first EP together, and made their song available via internet. And then listeners seem so interested with their music and that the two made a good tandem when it came to making great songs. This is the time that they become Rendezvous.

Itai with Mixer
Itai with Mixer

Rendezvous is a collaboration of different music genres.  Let me just mention exactly the way i read it, their culture of music gives a big sigh of relief after Rendezvous has successfully produced songs that reflect two very dissimilar genres, all done in good taste.

They’re working on their debut album now because of the success brought by EP. The famous producer David Bascombe is currently mixing their tracks. And what more interesting is, Rendezvous is also collaborating with filmmaker Uzi Adam who is capturing Rendezvous’ journey in artistic snippets.

The album contains eight tracks and all songs bear Rendezvous signature style. One song features a string orchestra, another includes a darbuka, among other Asian instruments.

You may check their youtube videos at 3w dot youtube dot com slash user slash official rendezvous and download or listen to their previous songs on 3w dot rendezvousmusic dot com dot uk.

Check out their songs and visit their website   www.rendezvousmusic.co.uk.

I can’t wait for their album to release, this is another band to love and admire!

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