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We Are the Painter of Our Portrait

We are the master of ourselves, we are the one’s responsilbe for all our acts, therefore, we should always think of the cons and pros of all what we do.

Almost all of us experience different trials, and in our hands lies how we are going to deal with them. Are we going to treat them as nothing is there or make out the best to overcome them. I think what best is the latter, we shall not give up with the test of life, we shall make positive the negatives, let’s all be optimistic. We are the painter of our own portrait.  And the way we paint it will show how we live our lives, how we treat our lives. We need not to blame others for the blunders and flaws we’ve encountered, in our own hands lie the successes and fate of our own selves.

If you dream, dream high, but not just sit and dream, make your best to make those dreams reality, do your best in order to achieve them. Patience, diligence, perseverance and faith in God are needed to achieve those dreams. Never give up, it brings no success to you. Think positive, be optimistic!!

We don’t need to be rich or to have lots of money in order to be happy, remember, happiness worth no single centavo, it cannot be brought by money. It is earned and it’s being receive the way how you treat life.

We have lots of differences, we have different obstacles to surpass and cope with. Friendless, broken marriages, broken families, debts, jobless…. All these will be solved, will banish if we will make our best to oppose these obstacles, thrive more and persevere more.

Till then,