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First Day of School…After 8 Years

Woke up early than usual, I can’t be late! I need to be there before eight. Not to create a bad impression to my classmates šŸ™‚

Six o’clock, my phone kept on alarming, oh no, i was still sleepy, snoozed it and had my sleep again. Then another alarmed, just went up, i really don’t need to be late, i need to prepare early. I made it to be there at seven thirty, and sat beside catherine tolentino whom i’ve met during the enrolment. We were in the front seats. Silence covered the cold room, no voice and noise were heard, then I noticed that it really sounded weird, so I started talking with Cath, this was the start where all of my classmates chatted with their seatmates, getting to know eachĀ other.

It took us forty five minutes to wait for our HBO (Human Behavior in Organization) to wait, (if only we knew that he’ll be late šŸ™Ā  ). Mabuti na lang he taught us good, he taught well, heĀ had so many jokes to make the discussion lively. He gave us the syllabus, course outline of the subject. We need to do reporting for some topics in the syllabus. HisĀ discussion ended with a prayer at ten o’clock, supposed to be 1130. Ā 

Our next class is 11:30, we don’t have any minute of break in between our three classesĀ we will be having our classes beginning eight in the morning straight until six thirty in the afternoon, that was why we grabbed the opportunity to take our lunch. We first went to SIS and got our ID, hahahaha, nice naman pala may ID picture, i am curly-luuhh…. šŸ™‚ love it! Funny, first one – most forgot to get my change, if only i wasn’t reminded.

And we had our lunch, mine was sizzling sisig, yum yum … I paid them one hundred bill, never mind of the change again, and when we were eating, the staff gave me forty-five pesos, “Ah may sukli pa pala ako”?, weeeeeeh, what happened to me, my classmates were laughing at me, Catherine, Jessa and Queenie… sorry naman, medyo antok ang talaga siguro.

Ā Next class, we just waited in the classroom for a wee time compared to our first class, Decision Science, our professorĀ hadĀ this introduction chuchu of ourselves, name, degree, school company and position not to forget stating the reason why we are taking an MBA. Then he discussed DEC SCIE history. He also left us an assignment – watch A Beautiful Mind (waaa pano ko magagawa assignment ko wala naman akong DVD player, and this netbook has no player as well šŸ™Ā  ).

Last one, oh by the way our second ended at two supposed to be three thirty. Kagulo na naman ang klase of thirty three students, mostly are young, ages range from 22-38. Our last class Marketing Principles and Dynamics, the professor was not able to meet us, she left us the course outline, the topics to be discussed, which are all to be reported and discussed by us. We grouped ourselves into two, im with Catherine of course and got III-B, just forgot what topic is this. Another oblivious mind of me, Jessa asked me what topic are we going to discuss, I told her III-C, waaaaaa….so makakalimutin ko na agad… I just made a joke to cope with this shameful moment, “gusto ko kasing mahabang oras na magreport and mag discuss” Yey, uwian time (hahaha, as if we did not pay for this, excited to go home), bawi na lang next time! After some announcements and groupings, we all headed our way out of the GA204 room at two thirty, supposed to be six thirty.

That was my first day of class.

Tomorrow is valentines day, i am blue, but i will be going to Enchanted Kingdom for a Hug-A-Palooza event, this is free for the bloggers who registered to AZ. And if the time will still permit, I will go to SM MOA to witness the first day of PyroMusical, Australia being the first country to amaze us.

Till then,