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I Gave A Hug at Enchanted Kingdom – Enhancing Hug-A-Palooza This Valentine’s Day

Working and living in Manila area opened an opportunity for me to explore my hobby of blogging. I never thought and really had no idea that blogging network is a social networking to consider where every bloggers meet in all events and documents such. Honestly, living here is a very great experience for me. Now I got a chance meet some bloggers in every event I’ve attended.

And latest blogging event that I’ve been was Enchanting Hug-A-Palooza, I Gave A Hug at Enchanted Kingdom this Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2010. I am single but I had a chance to celebrate this full of happiness! I enjoyed this day a lot. Thanks to AZ who announced this to us bloggers.

Enchanted Kingdom provided a shuttle for all of us who registered to AZ’ blog, we were fetched by the bus provided to the bloggers at 1:30 in Enchanted Kingdom’s Makati office. Travelled for one hour, and we reached EK at 2:30, still the king sun shone very brightly enough to keep us warm and really hot! Nevertheless, this did not prevent us to enjoy this date. So VIP of us that we did not need to go through a long line to enter the amusement park, we were ushered by Micko to the guest entrance (yes, guest entrance, seldom this happens to me, to be the VIP in an event). We had our entrance ticket FREE, and Micko also gave us WIZARD MONEY worth Pph200. We registered in the guest list (la la la la LOLS). Afterwhich all of us, I think less than twenty bloggers (others did not make it, more than half on AZ list was not able to go with us, they missed this). I went with a group of eight bloggers, I did not know them personally, except for Ryan Joson who is my officemate. It gave me again the chance to meet persons whom I do not know. Thanks guys for the wonderful Valentine’s Day, another bloggers I’ve met – Carl Valanezona, Nerisa Acmo, Jennet Pineda, Florencio Jusay Jr., Alex Dizon and Maui.

EK Hug A Palooza

Ryan’s and my entrance pass/wrist pass 🙂 I loved it pink!!


Holding the Money Wizard worth Php200.00

Bolggers at EK

with Carl, Florence, Alex, Nerisa and Jenneth

We had our first ride Roller Skater, a light roller coaster, a ten seconds coaster hahaha.

Roller Skater at EK

Next was the Up Up and Away.

Up Up and Away at EK

And we wanted thrilling rides, we didn’t attempt to ride Anchors Away, they said it will make them dizzy and might vomit afterwards, which I think is true because I saw a girl who was already leaning to the shoulder of her friends, lupaypay, and cannot move. Others were really had red faces. I did not dare to ride too! AS we were having our photo shoot, we were regaled by an Egyptian/Belly dance by a group od five persons, two men and three women. After some picture taking, we went close to the Space Shuttle, we had our respite first, waited for another blogger Ces. Another part of EK’s program, a parade of Dragon dance to celebrate also the Chinese New year, Kong Hei Fat Choi (yeee tama ba).


While waiting for another activity and thinking what to have next, we had our group picture, free digital photo booth provided by EK.

EK Hug A Palooza 2010

with the bloggers, Ryan, Maui, Nherz, Jenneth, Shel, Carl, Alex and Florence

Then went back to the seat were we had before, saw Anna Capri with a white guy (at pati to sabihin).


I wanted to ride the space shuttle but Ryan, who also wanted to try that ride was not there with us yet, so FPJ and I decided to went ahead of them. Yey!! I had my space shuttle ride (and again like my Lagoon experience in Utah, I was experiencing this ride with my eyes closed and loud holler). I felt I can take riding Space Shuttle because I was able to overcome and ride in Lagoon’s Collossus, a much bigger, more thrilling than Space Shuttle. This time, I was not wearing my eyeglasses anymore, afraid that it might fly again like what happened in Collossus. I am not afraid of Space Shuttle,the picture shows (LOL na LOL!!), it depicts a thousand words. Honestly, I was not scared, medyo exaggerated lang yung camera who took this photo (LOL).


let’s compare this Space Shuttle with Collosus of Lagoon SLC Utah

No ride anymore, it’s getting darker and the Hug-A-Palooza and fireworks is soon to start. But before this, a band (sorry I did not know the name) regaled us with some music. And at exactly 6:15, the program started hosted by Tirso Cruz III and the lady who owns the EK. After few words and some inspiring messages, the Hug-A-Palooza and giving hugs in trying to make a record happened with fireworks display at the same time. Families, friends and couples were there giving hugs with each other. And it ended. We were nowhere to ride anymore.


EK Hug A Palooza 2010 count down

Wow, i was in the crowd, trying to wait for someone to give me a hug 🙂

It was also a nice thing that I was able to see one of my closest friends and former officemate Wayne, she was there with her family. We just had a wee chat while Wayne was chasing her nephew. And after some minutes, we separated our ways, she was looking for Karen and I joined my blogger group.


We had our lunch and rest for a while in front of RioGrande. While me and Ryan were eating stir fried rice and potato fries respectively, we saw Sheena Halili, and had some picture with this actress.


Kakapagod but happy, my feet were really ngalay but we still kept on walking and had lots of pictures. And nung mag eight thirty na, we went outside and took pictures again with the bloggers, buti na lang lumabas na kami and was able to join them with pictures hahaha. Syempre we need to document this, it is the reason why we were invited. And we left EK at 8:45pm.


Blogger team, preparing to take off at 8:30 pm

I did not regret spending heart’s day being single, in fact, I enjoyed it more than quintiplet! I am happy attending bloggers’ event like this, I am happy meeting people, the adventurous side of me is being developed while I am doing this things. Again another set of bloggers were met, and hopefully I will still see them in the next event. Watch out for Enchanted Kingdom’s summer promo, we were advised to be there again.


I gave a hug and enjoyed enchanting Hug-A-Palooza at Enchanted Kingdom!!!

Thanks Ryan Joson of The Black Fedora and Nhers Marie for some of the photos here 🙂

Till then,