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Why Employees Leave?

I’ve been to five different manufacturing companies and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry to date. Yes it’s true, to get the average of my stay in one company, it’s only 1.17 years. I was somehow became a job-hopper, trying to find the better job each year. Two years and seven months was the longest I’ve ever had, this was at Nikkoshi Philippines Corporation in First Philippine Industrial Park or FPIP. Now I am here in a BPO company, nine months to date and still counting of course.

Why I am telling you these? Simply because I want to give those young professionals like me (LOLS) to think about the years of service or length of stay in a company before resigning. Don’t be like me who was once a job-hopper. Good thing I had no difficulty finding jobs, my strategy was, I am not filing my resignation letter yet until I find a replacement. But why did I choose to resign?

There are several reasons why employees resign. Some of them are, trying to find a job that offers a better compensation package (this is one of my reasons why I leave a company), another thing is, an employee isn’t happy anymore with what she is doing, she finds it boring and wants to have a more challenging job (well, that’s also one of my reasons again). She doesn’t want the people or co-employees she is working with, there are lots of officemates whose attitudes are really not that good to befriend with or to mingle with. Adding also to that is, the boss she is in, sometimes, boss isn’t right or sometimes, she or he is just too unfair – reasons that are too long to convey. Another reason is personal problem, she or he may have some burden that needs full attention and might affect the work if she won’t resign.

As one of my posts says, February is about to end and March is ready to begin. It only means marching to the stage is in a picture. More graduates to expect, specifically college graduates. There are many schools in the Philippines, imagine how many of our countrymen are to receive their certificate, as a result of their four, five or ten years of toils. What’s next, it doesn’t end to just receiving the white paper and have it framed or laminated. Newly-grad or fresh grad need to ready themselves for a more tiring and challenging times of their lives, that is looking for a job. Initial screening, this starts with written examination, it varies according to the position you are applying with. If you are applying for an Accounting position, expect to have accounting questions, please be ready and find time to review your past lessons. General Accounting, Cost Accounting are part of the exams, English proficiency and Mathematical ability are also part of it. Abstract exam to test your IQ is also given, essay is always the last part. It takes time, and you are so lucky to have companies giving examinations with time limitations, time pressure is there. Other companies give only abstract, English and Mathematics plus Essay and no related course. There are passing grades and if you fail, better luck next time – after six months.

It doesn’t end to examination, it is only the initial screening, and you may still fail here. Next step to follow, watch out for my post.

Till then,