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My New DVD Writer

I badly needed to watch A Beatiful Mind movie by John Nash. We were given assignment by our Decision Science professor and answer these questions;

1) What factors contributed to the development of John Nash’s theory?

2) How did the life of John Nash inspired you as an MBA student?

During that time when he mentioned that we need to watch that movie and have a movie review, I was thinking how will I answer those questions, I have no DVD player in my boarding house, my netbook has no player? I have an officemate who has a portable DVD, she won it during our PACE Christmas party, I was planning to borrow it from her, but the bashful side of me dominated me, so I was not able to tell her about it.  

After office of Monday noon, my feet forced me to look into computer stores and gadgets to look for a DVD player to be attached in my netbook. I went first to Octagon, my plan really was to inquire only, I asked the saleslady if they have a DVD player the one used to attach in a netbook, she replied “Ah DVD writer”, I asked again, are they the same, player and writer? 🙂 I did not know that! They have a DVD writer worth P2900, their cheapest. I told them I just inquired and will come back the other day – that was in Octagon.

Then I passed by Silicon and decided to enter and checked out theirs. Their cheapest is P2800 with free Nero burner. I thought once whether to buy it or not, and my assignment popped out of my mind, that made me decide to buy the Samsung Slim External DVD Writer.

Now I can watch and do a movie review, now I can answer my assignment. Now I have something to use watching when I am bored and don’t feel like watching TV… now… now… 😛

(Hmmm, I think Samsung should commend me for writing this, I alid the Samsung Corby phone’s review) 🙂 

Till then,