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The Essence of Being A Woman

One winning question in the 2005 International Beauty pageant was “What is the essence of being  woman?”, this was asked to our countrymen Precious Lara Quigaman who won Miss International 2005. She was asked by that question and she wittingly and confidently answered;

“I believe that the essence of being a woman is being a good mother, a good daughter, a good sister and a good friend to everyone.”

Simple yet very meaningful! 

If I would be a beauty queen and ask that question (hahaha, as if qualified) I would say, “The essence of a woman is bearing a child in her womb for nine months, taking care of him, nurture him, making sure he’s healthy by taking prenatal vitamins and give him a bright future”, i believe that’s a winning answer too right?

Seriously, the essence of a woman for me is being able to help others in the best way she can, without asking something in return. Being able to contribute to the country with no pay at all. I can be the best woman in the world, I can feel it. I don’t need to be a hero to express the true essence of a woman. Just being able to be me and help others in anyway I can is more than too much.

Till then,