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A Beatiful Mind

**Photo taken from Columbia News

I was able to finish the two disc CD last night. It took me more than two hours watching it. I paused for thirty minutes to watch Habang May Buhay of Judy Ann Santos and Derek Ramsey. Haven’t finished the first disc yet. Then after that TV series, I went back watching disc 1. Yeee, and I am so sleepy, my eyes wanted to close but I wanted to finish the movie though. Yes, I did it! I was able to finish it.

I like the movie, I like the incessant and undying love shown by ALicia with John Nash, she did not leave her husband in any event, in times of his insanity, in being cured in mental hospital, she was always there, always beside him.

John Nash was an intelligent Mathematician who always computes, who cumputes for the movement of certain things and people. He had this theory about equilibrium that got and awarded a Nobel prize (hope I am correct). At the beginning of the story, you will be fooled by the existence of his (John Nash) friend which calls himself as The Prodigal Friend. I really thought he was real, even the Russian soldier whom John used to work for a code conspiracy, and The Prodigal’s Friend nephew, wll these were just imagination, not real. Due to the superb intelligence and mind calculation of John, all these unreal became part of his life.

With diligent care and guidance of Alicia his wife, John was able to cope with his insanity (lucid interval), though he still sees people, those three unreal people but tried to ignore them. At the end, he went back to school and became a professor again. There was this scene where a man (professor too) approached him after his class, and he asked his student, “Is he real?”, the studend replied “Yes, he is real!”, okay, I just want to make sure that he is real and I am not seeing through my imagination again.

The moment John saw a great mathematician being awarded by pens by people around him when he was younger, happened to him, he was given pens too, indicated that he is a Nobel Man, his theory was awarded a nobel prize.

I wasn’t able to take a note of the factors that contribute to John Nash’s theory, so I need to watch it again. There’s no problem, I liked it and I am very much willing to watch it over and ovver again! 🙂

Till then,