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I Want Braces

Austin Orthodontist is one of the Austin’s leading orthodeontic clinics. They provide and bring years of experience to the field of orthodontics. It’s a family-friendly ortho clinic.

I have a not so nice teeth, and I want to have braces to correct and align my teeth. I want to make it happen, by next month perhaps. It’s that expensive but the result will really satiate me and will show off my smile effortlessly! That’s how I like it, and it will also bring out the confidence I have within (LOLS).

Let’s go back to Austin Orthodontist, as I said, they are one of the leading ortho in Austin. There are various types of treatments offered.

One of the types is the TRADITIONAL BRACES; there are wires and a metal band with a bracket placed around each tooth. The patient may choose what preference or types of brackets she wants.  As these wires are placed around each tooth, this will pull them in making them more closer and look nicer.

Another one is the CLEAR BRACES; as years pass, modern and different types of braces occur, and one of these is the clear braces. It’s more clear and unnoticeable. Ceramic is being attached in place of the metal. I often see this in the actors and singers.

The last one is the INVISALIGN; it is a new type of instrument that can be used to straighten people’s teeth without the use of traditional and conventional braces. Series of clear removable aligners is being done by Invisalign to straighten teeth. Each aligners is worn 20 hors per day for a period of two weeks to three.

     Aligners are almost invisible so you will smile effortlessly.

     It can be removed so no worry when you want to eat, brush or floss.

     It can correct problems in adults and teens, so you might wanna grab this.

  (hmmm, i might want to try the last type, I surmise it will cost me much!)..

Will do having braces… I want it… soon 🙂

Till then,