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SpectorPro Internet Safety Software

With todays modern technology where everybody is exposed to internet and other online sites, we can never tell the assurance that safety is always there. With many existing online sites, chats, games and social networking, you are more likely would want Internet Safety Software to help you and most especially your kid to feel and be safe while surfng the net. I am talking about the site they are surfing, safety in terms that all the sites they’ve been visiting are monitored and are surely safe and there’s no inappropriate content.

I am lucky though that there is an answer to this, the one that can monitor the sites I am visiting, or your child is visiting. It’s just like a camera, or a webcam that sees everything you do, everything done on the PC is recorded using the SpectroPro software. It automatically takes hundreds of snapshots every hour and provides an easy-to-use, video-style playback tool that will enable you to see everything they do on the computer or the internet or websites they are visiting. It also records chat conversations, instant messages and emails, all those sites they visited are also recorded. Isn’t it safe?

If you want to avail and learn more about Spector Pro, please visit it here.

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