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I Need A Perfect Moisturizer Now

Wow it’s already summet time! I can feel the heat hugging me all day. Unfortunately, I really don’t get sweat, swear! I half-want it, half-don’t, I want it because I don’t feel sticky and wet, I don’t like it because I feel I am not burning any fats. I need a super strenous activity to make me perspire.

Other than that, though I don’t perspire, i have an oily face, looks really shiny, as bright as the sun, and I still cannot totally cure the marks left by my pimples, I think I need to use perfect face moisturizers 🙂 I have tried so many brands but my face is so pigheaded that it had no effect at all! Those just gave me more pimples, so i had to stop using them. And now, I feel like I need to find a perfect moisturizer, any suggestions?

Till then,