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I Removed the Spott Free Link Exchange

I have no choice but to delete it and remove from my sidebar. I am referring to Spott free link exchange. It is showing off some unwanted pictures on my blog creating a really bad impression. I was trying to find some ways to edit the sites showing and flashing off there but there is no option. I am afraid others like teeners would click on the bad image showing on that spott of mine and land into a lustful site, I really don’t want it to happen. So before anything bad happens, i initiated deleting it, no one will do it for me but only me. 🙂

I had no idea if that free exchange link really increased my viewers or my impression. I was unsure if that is really helpful.

To all of you my co-bloggers who are using spott, you may please check out the photos showing on that small box on your sidebar, i have visited some blogsite using spott.

till then,