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Time for Vacation..Time to Relax..

It’s summertime! Yet some of us hasn’t gotten over spring yet (of course dud, still snowing in some part of the world) But here in the Philippines, the heat is on! Time for some beaches, time for outings, time for some relaxation, whoa I love it!! Sun, sun, sun and the blue sky.. I wish by that time, I already have my SLR (I wish, I wish, I wish). I haven’t tried Outer Banks vacation homes yet, might wanna have one, someday.

Meantime, I will first consume the prize I receive from Ohmski, a Php5,000 cruise GC from 7107. I already inquired to 7107 Island office on how can I use the GC,according to them, it’s just a discount. If i will be wanting to cruise going to Subic for two days and three nights the original cost is Php6,500 less the GC i receive, so I would pay only Php1,500, not only that, if I book earlier, the cost eill be Php5,500, so I would have to add Php500 only. Nice right? I can grab it and cruise even I am alone, it’s no problem with me. There will also be free meals so why not grab it right? I would have it consumed during my semestral break, I don’t want to miss my MBA class and my work.

Looking for a more relaxed summer 🙂

Till then,