Daily Living

2nd Day

I love my Marketing professor ms.Asuncion Esmero!

Last week she wasn’t able to meet us because it was her last day in an off-campus  teaching, and so yesterday she was present to meet us and discussed something about MBA and some overview how to pass the program. I carefully listened to what she was saying and felt nervous , thinking that I may not pass the program. But at the back of my mind, I kept on saying, I will finish it with flying colors, I want to excel in my class of 38 students. I will pass the comprehensive examination and case analysis’ defense. I have long way to go, let’s be prepared for that in two years 🙂

 Going back to Ms. Esmero, A CPA/MBA/Phd….wow, a Certified Public Accountant who has Master’s Degree and a Doctor??? I admire her! Wanna have some Doctorate too! She inspired me, she is nice and I feel that she will be a great help to all of us who are aiming for something better. At a first glance, I thought that she is a not so nice professor, but as she kept on talking and discussing something about the rules and regulations, and how is the process of PLM MBA, i started to like her, smiles and jokes were popping out of her. I really really like her. I hope that we could learn a lot from her!!

Till then,