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Fresh Stone Crab

When I first saw this words, I wondered what really is the meaning of this, because you know, everyone uses words that make you puzzled. But when I checked it from a website, I found out that this refers to food!! Yum yum, food… And it’s a crab, yeah a healthy seafood!

I wish there is someone or a restaurant who offers such seafood here in the Philippines, offering a stone crab, but i haven’t found any yet. Well, in America, there is a person in the name of George who offers and delivers fresh stone crabs, specifically in states like Miami, NY and LA. Stone crabs are freshly delivered right to your door because whatever fishermen catch today will be packed and delivered tomorrow.  The way I see it in a website, stone crab is the claw of a crab. And come to think of it, it is a healthy food that shouldn’t be missed, a must try always, should be on the table 🙂

I think I should preserve it once I found one in my home country!!

(I am just having a slow connection tonight, I am currently downloading the video of Extreme Force Dancers because my cousin is there, I wasn’t able to watch them on tv last feb 15 so i just uploaded it)

Till the,