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My Lola’s Medical Condition

I visited my lola (grandmother) last Sunday, I saw her suffering condition, she hardly stand, almost lying all day when we were there. I had to talk to her hours after hours, trying to comfort her. His medical condition is brought by her dotage, or should I say, her being old. But we still want her to survive her condition, I can feel she will. She has helped me a lot during my college days. I will never forget it 🙂 We really love her. I always served her the food she was asking, orange to name one. But she was not able to finish it, and I am worried. She doesn’t look emaciated, she even has a stout face but thin body – in Pinoy term manas.

She was recently brought to the hospital and tested with pulse oximeter. An ultrasound was also performed. Hope she recuperates soon.

Till then,,