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Suffering Brain Injury

One of the worst cases of health condition is a brain injury. And if a person having this would definitely be treated nice and understand their cases. If worse comes to worst and the person who’ve this and can’t be treated at home, it is advised that a person having brain injurybe brought to a place or hospital to better cure, medicated and hopefully surpass the suffering condition. It is hard to accept that some of us, and some from our family have to undergo such treatment, but that’s badly needed. A person having this brain injury does not know what she is doing, she is not aware of her activities, of her acts, that’s why she needs understanding and special treatment.

Cases here in the Philippines I would say, I have no exact figure yet as to how many of us Filipinos has this brain injury. I heard a lot of numerous cases flashing on television, yet have no idea how exact they are. It is sad to know that this case is obiquitos and can never be averted. We all hope that someday these cases shall be lessened and that we all continue taking care of all the survivor. The survivor did not want to have that kind of injury.

Till then,