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I really love photography now. I appreciate it, learning some points from my officemate who just had a Basic Photography lesson. And what’s more amazing is, she just bagged the 3rd and 4th place in a photography (hmmm watta bout that!). She really gave her best effort for those shoots, how I wish I have those pictures posted here.. (hi dave!!) 🙂

Anyway, here is one photo I took at the Temple Square Utah, just did not know what’s the name of the flower.

Taken with an Olympus digital camera. I hope I would have a DSLR for a better shot 🙂 Can someone sponsor me with a DSLR please? Appreciate it much, i will promote you always!

Till then,

  • Dave

    Nice pic..DSLR na next on your To Buy list =)

  • Hi Dave… and so my inspiration left a comment! I hope to have DSLR!!! I will have it soon, and please teach me more about photography 🙂 Thanks a lot!