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And We Lost Her

At the age of 70, our lola left us. We thought all the while that she will recuperate in her condition. I saw her okay, though was not able to join us chatting, that was last February 19. We had no idea that despite the medical treatment given to her, she still was not able to survive. We are very thankful that she did not suffer much pain, she did not experience that.

And I will be celebrating my birthday without her, but with her laying on a casket. I know she’ll never forget that very special day of mine and some of my cousins’ too. I am very thankful that she was my lola, our lola, who helped us during some difficult times of our lives. She took care of some of her grand-daughters and grandsons, including me and Sheena. Sheena, speaking of her, she is the closest apo , but was not able to see her for years as she is in Dubai. It will be a very sad, tearful and heart-breaking scene to see that Sheena will be coming home on Tuesday and see our lola in that condition. I know how hard it will for her, she really wants to visit lola and see her condition, unfortunately, so many factors prevented her of not doing so.

We are all gather to join lola in few days and nights here on earth, though lifeless, we are complete, the siblings of my father who seldom visit our lola. Sad, that some of them were not able to see her strong, healthy and alive.

This is not the end, so many things are still to happen. Life must go on. In this kind of life’s situation, cooperation and everyone’s support are seen, showed how everyone loves each of them and our Great Lola.

May she rest in peace. We all love you 🙂

Till then,