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I Just Turned a Year Older

Happy birthday Dhynnes 🙂

I used to celebrate my birthday in a normal way, I am not used to having bountiful food servings and invites. I wont to have just a simple celebration, wee foods that we feel will usurp the six of us, and some of our relatives nearby is enough. But today is different, not because I have lots on the table, but because I celebrated my birthday during my grandmother’s wake. I had it celebrated with my father’s siblings and some of cousins. Half sadness half happiness filled my day, sadness that I had it during my lola’s wake and happiness that I celebrated it with Lieva kins.

I turned a year older, I am now twenty-nine, and I can say that for that age, I have fulfilled myself and my family with some of my dreams, yet something remains to be achieved. Lots of things have happened during my twenty-eight years, there were ups and downs and euphoric and solitude moments, trials were also there trying to hamper the path achieving my dreams, but I did not give up. I still consider my years and life here on earth a fruitful and blessed one.

As I live my years and cope up with test of lives, I was able to be adamant and heed whatever life brings to me. Much more are to await, I should not relax and be contented with what I have, let me rephrase, I have lots of dreams to fulfilled, my dreams are not at hands yet, and that’s what I am currently working on. I don’t mind how old I am now, what I know is that, I feel I have to fulfill my dreams, I need to do it, and I am sure I can achieve it. Dreaming and making ways to achieve it is one of the traits I admire with myself. So I keep on dreaming!  

My life is qualified for Maalalaala Mo Kaya, I want to share it countrywide, but I don’t have the story to pass on yet, still etch in my mind and heart, waiting to be transcribed and shared, hopefully someday when I already fulfill what I want.

Till then,