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Experimenting and Testing

Pimples have been a long time problem i face. And a common joke I heard is;

How will i face my problem if the problem is my face?

I tried so many facial products to make these pimples banish yet nothing was effective, except for one… Wanna surmise what is it? These are not acne, fortunately, if so, I will surely find it hard to find an acne solutions. I even had a diamond peel session, but was unsatisfied with the result, it was not worth the amount i spent for it. I even took pills as suggested by my officemate yet after taking four tablets, these three to five red swelling pimples protuded again, and I felt afraid, I stopped it before these red swelling pimples covered my whole face. They told me to wait after four months because the effectivity of the pill will take that long. Oh no, I don’t want to smuggle that long and just let pimples exist, what if it does not stop?

I am tired of experimenting and testing products, it seems I am justing wasting some money with those tests. I mut stick with what I am currently using. But will try to consult a dermatologist soon, it’s one of the benefit of our company healthcard, might as well grab it!

Till then,