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What Now??

Being complete in the sad event of our clan somehow made us a bit happier. It made us closer. It was the only time that we shared thoughts and laughters.

I am getting out of ideas, I don’t know the exact topic to write. I hardly find time finishing blogging tasks nowadays. It’s then I realized that I was really busy those past weeks, from the wake of my grandmother to her necrological, my sad birthday celebration, my MBA class…. Now what…my MBA class, I find it hard to go back to studying mode. I realized that having stopped for eight years made it hard for me to revert back being student, I want to excel, but how will I do it when I am not srudying our lessons prior to attending the class? I have no books yet 🙁 I also have wee time left for browsing the soft copies given to us. I really need to set ample amount of time studying. My busy schedule last week was one of the factors though, I must change it this week and the subsequent weeks. I need to prepare for my report. I want to be commended and praised as well by Dra. Esmero, how about that? Due to sleepless nights and busy sched, (i was going back and forth in our province almost daily last week), I was not able to make my DEC SCIE assignment, I had it copied from my seatmate. Fortunately, I was able to grasp the linear programming last Saturday, I was first reluctant how they arrived at some stuff. 🙂

What now???? I need to have a better time management, set the best time table – allocate time both for work and studies….. I can do it!!!

Till then,