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To the Graduating Students

Thousands of students are expected to graduate and receive their graduation certificate this year. What a euphoric feeling, going up to the stage to hand over the diploma and then smile, yes!, this is it, the result of my diligence and toils, finally! 8)

Yet wait, it doesn’t stop there, after the happiness is some worry, you need to fret a while, think and say  I need to look and land a job! What now, there are lots of competitors everywhere, the smart newly-graduates, aside from that, most of the companies are looking for experienced individual to hire, the chance of landing a job for a newly grad is like fighting for your 50-50 life.

One helpful tip for you newly grads is to patiently look for every service job search, send your resume to many companies as you can, who knows, yours might be considered though you are unexperienced! Make your resume as pleasant and as impressive as possible. Indicate all the information that you think will eke and increase your chance of being short-listed. Try to proof read your resume, make sure that everything is spelled correctly and grammars are also correct. Bear in mind, as a newly grad, your resume is the best tool you have for now, so make the best out of it! 🙂

Till then,