Daily Living MBA


I really was sleepless this week, i had to settle sales and use tax issue and avert legal recourse. I even had three different shifts in a week, I was on a night shift schedule last Monday, went mid-shift on Tuesday (I went home two o’clock in the morning and then had my regular shift on Wednesday – 9am but extend until 1am of the next day Thursday. It was not a normal thing for me, had to sacrifice having less sleep to make sure everything was well taken care off. Honestly, I never have enough rest and sleep for almost a month now. After our closing schedule last month where we had it night, I had to go home almost daily in Quezon province for my lola’s wake, and then those three different shifts in three days came, and then the rest were also tiring days. But I have no regrets, my efforts are appreciated by my mentor in Utah, she even told me that she was singing praises about me over there in Utah for all the hardwork i am doing, i thanked her for doing such, she told me, I worth the recognition! yeah, yeah, thanks a lot for the appreciation!

I am now sitting in the floor with my housemates, watching “I Love You Goodbye” by Angelica Panganibanm Derek Ramsey and Gabby Concepcion. I should have my sleep now this time, 9:40 pm of Saturday evening, rest to recuperate, yet I am here now, updating my blog while watching movie, emoting with some stuff that happened to me those past weeks.

I arrived here in the house at 8pm, that was after my mba class….Hahem, thanks to Cobra energy drink for keeping me awake again! Admittedly, going back to school is a combination of hardship and excitement, it is as if you are only a new college student. I had a hard time going back to studying mode, I can only review my notes every Friday night, hardly find time because of my work…. Today’s discussions were tough, HBO was okay, with some jokes from Mr. Albert dela Cruz, but then Decision Science was really tougher doh really!!! I racked my mind hard to understand simplex linear method programming…And nuh…(sniff) we have an assignment regarding our lesson today, i just hope I can do it perfectly!!! I need a mathematician or an engineer to teach me 🙂 anybody there???

I am thinking if I have to post what happened to our Marketing subject, it was bad! I think I don’t have to disclose it here, everyone in the room was enough to witness what happened today and we hope it could not happen again. As Dra. Esmeria told us during our first meeting, “everything is welcome, as long as it is done in a professional way”… I need to be prepared for the report assigned to me, “Product Development”, and I hope the positive outcome.

Another weekend here in Pasay, did not go home in Tiaong Quezon and decided to just have my respite here, sleep sleep sleep, do valet and watch the last Pyro Musical Competition in Mall of Asia with USA and Philippines as the performers, unfortunately, i have no camera with me to capture the fireworks..

Emote mode…Looking forward to a more challenging days next week and closing week is getting nearer… Thanks for everything our Creator!!!

Till then,