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In Demand Job

I am sure graduating students are now nervous whether or not they could easily land a job after receiving their graduation certificates. I was once on the same shoe back when I had few weeks left before graduation, I even attended a job fair though I haven’t graduated yet, trying my luck that I might be considered and shorlisted, but I was not as I, according to them should graduate first. Like me, all of you who are expected graduates are so fidget nowadays, creating the best resume, planning where to apply after graduation and searching the net looking for best interview tips. 

There is a must try in demand job nowadays that I advise for graduating students, compensation wise, it’s really great one especially for a first job. I am referring to a call center, this job really offers a nice and awesome compensation package. But wait, when trying to enter this job, you might want to attend a call center consulting to make you more adept in that field, test your English proficiency and literacy.

If only we already have lots of good call center when we graduated, I perhaps try that so I had not to spend eleven months looking for a job. My first was in a manufacturing company actually I have been to five manufacturing companies, and my current job, finally is a BPO. We also have a call center department in our company, so you might wanna ask me and check ours right.

It is sometimes tiring to look for a job, but you must be patient and diligent, persevere in trying to land one. Everything will be treasurable if achieved with best efforts right? For all the expectant (graduating student not pregnant 🙂 ), please bear in mind that without difficulty, without hardship and sacrifices, there will never be success, do’t lose hope if you can’t find a job right after graduation, it’s normal, it’s part of the game. There are many competitors out there, but if you have the confidence within and become the best of yourself every time you have an interview, I am sure, you will be lucky enough to be shortlisted. It is really a euphoric feeling when you will be able to pass all the screenings and job application process. Be smart and confident always 8) .

Till then,