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Loving the Music

I love music!!! And I am sure that most of you really love it the way I do 🙂

When I was young (neh, and I am still young though!), I wanted to learn how to play a guitar, luckily I was able to enrol in one of the small group offering a cheap pay for teaching you how to play a guitar. This was when I was in my elementary days, i was in fourth grade i remember. Unfortunately, the teacher died after few months, I just learned basic strumming and did not improve to date. I just wish I learn it… I envied those who know and good in playing guitars!

Not only guitar player are worth envying, I also envied those who are good in piano playing. The nice melody, the stokes of the keys, I love it! Everytime I pass by a huge piano here in Mall of Asia, I always am amaze with how the piano played without somebody pressing it. I wanted to sit there and feign I am the one playing (LOLS). To be able for me to do this, I should have piano lessons for beginners first. Anyone who wishes to be adept in any field should try the impossible and keep on practicing 😛 .

I am a music lover, I love seeing and listening to guitar’s, piano’s and drum’s being played. And not only loving them, I also and to the max want to learn how to play them, yet, how will I learn if I do nothing right?

Till then,