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Trying Sun Broadband Wireless

Oh no….. all i typed were gone, I thought it was saved in drafts… huhuhuhu (sniff sniff).. I have to re-type again… and all those words were gone….. Too bad 🙁

What I just said….. I want to share that I am now using a sun wireless broadband inserted in a smart modem. Yes, you read it right, it’s possible now. If only I knew it before, I should not spent P995  for buying smart broadband and waiting one and half hours to have it, I should have known this before and make my globe tattoo broadband openline so I can use smart and sun, a lot of savings right? Too late, I already have two.

I was informed by my classmate that a modem can become openline….He gave me the contact number of the person doing such, I texted the imei model and huawei number and viola! he gave me the unlock key and instructions of making it work, making the sun broadband sim work  in a smart modem. Sun broadsim costs Php50 with free 5 hours internet surfing. I am enjoying it free!! (yey)..

Actually the reason why I bought a sun broadsim (wow new term!) (why not save this first to be sure)… is to apply for a postpaid.. I heard sun is doing well here so why not try??

I’ll go back to studying mode… It’s Wednesday tomorrow…and I surmise the spelling of some words in this article are misspelled, the keyboard responds too slowly… Just drop some comment here if you want to know how to make your modem openline 🙂

Till then,