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Where to Treat…

Valentine’s is over, here comes graduation days. Many of the graduating students are excited to have their certificates. At last, the result of their four, five or ten years of toils is over, the time consumed for studying, the money spent for tuituion fees, books, projects and laboratories, out of town trips and educational trips were done, and here comes the reality, you graduates need to repay yourself and your parents, you need to practice what you’ve learned (for college graduates).

But wait, before trying to think and rack your mind as to what field you want, before making your feet tired of walking and looking for the best jobs, before spending lots of money printing your curriculum vitae and internet surfing, pamper yourself first, take a break, give yourself leadtime. It’s up to you how much you want it, how costly it will be. For the well-off, you may perhaps try La Jolla banquet rooms with your family or friends. You may even have a small salo-salo together after the ceremony and invite your closest classmates and friends. Me, I did it after the day of my graduation, I invited my friends, my housemates and classmates. It was fulffilling, I was happy because after four long years in college, I was able to graduate being a scholar and at the same time a working student, with the support of my parents and my lola.

Graduation is one of the memorable events in our lives, so make it as happy as possible, make it as fulfilling as possible, make it as treasurable ever!

Till then,