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Feeling Beautiful and Sexy!!!

They say hair is a woman’s crowning glory, I say, face is, because it the one you show to everyone, so must look pleasant and fresh all the time.

One way to have it is to take care of your skin specifically your face, flaunt your clean, fresh and blooming face to everyone, show your charm and your beautiful smile 🙂 like that! No matter how young or old you are, you must be able to know how to take best care of your face, if not, problems like pimples or worst, acne will attack, and you might find it hard to find adult acne treatment. You don’t it want to happen do you?

I experience being pimply, I tried so many facial cleansers and medicine to cure them, but have not finally found the best one. For me, the reason why I have those red, protruding, swelling round foreign objects on my face, I believe it’s in my blood, most of my tita’s have these.

Generally, pimples and acne are caused of the dirty stuff, like our own fingers, we sometimes tend to forget that our fingers get dirty and scratch or rub our face. Those are also caused by exposure to smoke blown by vehicles when we are commuting. Another is the pillow we are using, we should always change the pillow case because the oil left by our hair when we are sleeping rubs on our face. And, our hair, long hair or hair that covers our face caused those pimples and acne. Oooopss, one last, lack of sleep is also one cause, so better yet, try to catch up the best and long sleep hours.

Hope this helps,

Till then,