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Lenten Season for the Dieters

It is somehow advantegeous to join in celebrating the lenten season, specifically those who wish to lose weight. To bear in mind that this also entails discipline. Meat is an exception to eat, seafood must try during this season. And wait, why not have a phentermine, according to wiki, where it is approved as an appetite suppresant to help reduce weight in obese patients,  have to used short – term and combine with proper exercise, diet and behavioral modification. It is typically prescribed for individuals who have medical risk because of their weight.. La la la, and this way of losing weight really prescribe the best effort for a dieter.

Wow, now I am able to create a post while taking my break after our Decision Science class, we are waiting for our Marketing subject. After two long hours of discussion, hopefully we could have more zest to finish  Marketing discussion and be able to participate.

And I went out of the topic, the title…. Np 😛 I am excited for our swimming tonight with my college friends, I’ve never seen them for long, so must enjoy the moment!

Till then,