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We at Congo…and Played Badminton

We were there again, had bunch of luscious foods shared together in celebration of Dina’s birthday, she treated us 🙂 shhhhhhhhh….. Lechon kawali, pork sisig, pakbet, tuna belly, ensaladang mangga and fried chicken were the viands we’ve had. Burp, we were full after. Thanks for the wonderful lunchat Congo Grill Mall of Asia.



Came 6:30 pm, we went home ahead as we need to prepare for the badminton game. There goes the sweat again! At last, i’ll be perspiring.. Thankfully Dave had her Nikon digicam to take pictures and posted here (photos to follow), just want to share them to you. We had our two hours non-stop play. Next week again.. 🙂


Till then,