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I Sympathize Anne Curtis During Her ASAP XV Performance

I was not able to watch ASAP XV Boracay Episode last week due to lack of sleep last Saturday night as we had our night swimming with friends. ASAP is one of the TV programs I love, all the artists in there are worth adoring.

I did not know that something unwanted or bad happened to ASAP XV, specifically to Anne Curtis. During her dance number with Sam Milby, her right breast showed off because of wardrobe misfunction 🙁 , I wonder how her top bikini slipped down showing that sensitive part of hers. I saw the pictures, being circulated in email, my officemate forwarded it to us. Being a woman who sympathizes Anne, I did not forward it to anybody. It was not her mistake, she was just doing her job and performed her best. It did not come to my mind that all those were just a gimmick because of the movie with Sam Milby. 

During her interview in SNN few hours ago, I saw how desperate and solitude she was due to what happened, she felt disrespected for spreading her sensitive pictures, spreading like a wildfire. People keep on sending emails to their colleagues, even made her photo a front page in some newspapers, who would not feel bad and disrespected right? She is not a sexy star, let’s not participate spreading those pictures. I know it will soon pass, but the fact that every Filipinos saw it is hard to forget, emotionally. I just hope Anne is strong and adamant enough to face and soon be able to forget this.

Till then,