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See the Wonders of the World Clearly

I used to have a clear eyesight when I was in my early twenty’s age. I had a 20/20 vision and was proud to bet my officemate to read words and sentences apart from us, she was already having a lower vision measurement. I was not using an eye wear because of my clear vision.

But all those clear and bright sight has gone, I am now wearing an eyewear to make things clearer and visible, although not as high compared to others who are wearing thick eyewear, mine have 125/100 vision, without an eyewear, I can’t clearly see things around me, I read words blurry, sometimes I need to force my eyes to see what it is.

That’s my eyewear now. I don’t prefer wearing contact lenses, they iritate my eyes.

How did my eyesight becomes such? I surmise it is because my eyes are exposed in computer machine, working in front of it for more than eight hours a day five times a week. I believe also that washing my face right after my sleep or taking a bath when I am just newly awake contributed to my vision. I should take a moment first before bathing right? Too late, I have this now.

I was experiencing severe headache that I almost had to vomit when I was twenty five years old. Our company nurse told me to have my eye check up, the headache I was experiencing might be because of my eyes. I was taking medecine almost everyday, but seemed no effect. That’s the time that I obeyed our company nurse and bought a pair of eyewear. I was not feeling any headache anymore due to the eyewear prescribed to me.

Take care of your eyes, before it’s too late. Eat healthy foods that will keep your beautiful eyes. You will regret having unclear vision. Don’t be like me. Sometimes wearing eyeglasses make you look older. So why be such that?

Till then,