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Think Wise, Think Twice

Hahahaha, my credit cards been maxed out. I cannot purchase using them, good for me 🙂 . Anyway, the credit limit is set P15k, did not increase since I have it years ago, my third card actually. I used to have three, and left with only one, forced to discard the other two 😛

If you are not smart enough in buying things, shopping what you want, think wice, think twise, think wise, think twice. Don’t be like me though, i have shared a lot with credit cards in here. Lesson was learned.

It is somehow helpful right, especially during th emergencies where you have no money left in your pocket and in your wallet. Yet do not abuse to avert problems. Discipline is all you need when you have a credit card. If you encounter a problem with credit card, blame the inventor. It came about and originated in the United States in 1920 by John Biggins of the Flatbush National Bank of Brooklyn in New York, so blame John Biggins for having a high bill in your statement 🙂

F or now, I am using my credit card to buy grocery items and some femme stuff that cost  not that much. As I said, I have learned my lesson and never wanted to happen it again.

Till then,