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Principles of Marketing

It was almost six weeks that I have been looking for a Marketing Principles textbook by Kotler and Armstrong here in MOA National Bookstore, yet and unfortunately, they have no stock until now since I asked about a month ago. I just am wondering if they sell textbooks with incomplete stocks or no stock at all. To think, the mentioned store is one of the biggest bookstores here in the country.


That’s how I look for not finding a textbook in that bookstore. I even asked the saleslady if they can check online whether their other braches have stock of that book, to my amazement, according to the lady, they cannot see the stock or the inventory of other branches. A big oh no. I think they should develop a centralized site where they will be able to see the stocks available in different branches so they can suggest where to go right? Like in US 🙁

Hmmm, my semester is almost over, yet I have no copy yet. I should have found one, it is one of the comprehensive exams.

Till then,