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No to Post

Due to busy activities from work and class, I hardly think of any topic to post. I just thought of writing anything that comes out of my mind as of this moment. I am spending my weekend here in Cabatang Tiaong, Quezon, my hometown, I love to always go home, nobody feels great when at home. I still managed to go home after my class last Saturday!  

And by the way, I admire and i believe in the energy power brought by Cobra energy drink, imagine, I only had thirty minute sleep on a saturday morning, just dozed after my office hours 9pm to 6am of the following day, I am on a night shift again. I told myself “Goodluck sa klase ko on Saturday, di pa ko nakakatulog”… buti na lang there is this cobra that I always sipped everytime I felt like i am sleepy, this has made me alive, awake and energetic.

di namin alam to nung kinunan ni brye, thanks brye!!see the cobra i have 🙂


eto, take 2, di kasi ako masyado kita sa first shot eh, tinakpan ako ng netbook ko.

I still managed to travel for three hours as I was going home, yun nga lang, I was sleeping for two hours despite the fast drive of the bus. Cobra is really strong! I advice it to take when you are sleepless, just don’t drink it agad agad, drink it little by little. Drink a bottle of it in a day and you’re awake.

I wasn’t able to wake early today on a Sunday to attend a Palm Sunday mass, inay did not bother me sleeping as she knew I was not having a full rest yet. So here goes my netbook again, some letters do not appear as I type.

I am currently watching ASAP XV, their part 2 of Boracay episode. Wow and GMA 7 changed SOP to Party Pilipino!! No vail, ASAP remains number 1 nationwide!! I bet it 7 will keep on changing the program title, the new one not as appealing and not as artistic, so might as well think of a very good program title… Yung title pa lang eh panalo na, kahit hindi yung mga artista 🙂 peace… I am getting biased I know..

I think this no to post is over…Hope I can have something interesting to post, ung not about myself naman.. Hmmm, wait, a blogger event is yet to come, the awarding of The New Me glutamax contest, it is on April 7 at Eastwood Libis, and I will come. No winners have been announced yet, that day the winners will be revealed. Looking forward to that, I am not hoping to be one of the winners especially of the macbook *faints* 8)

till then,