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Accepting Individual Differences

Some finds it hard to accept the differences of each people. They tend to accept what they believe what one must have. It’s just like what we’ve duscussed in HBO back when we had our first day of class. According to our professor, we should not judge a person at a first glance or meeting – JIT, we should not believe in first impression, give an individual a reason to show the real her, her nice personalities. And here lies also the truth of accepting individual differences.  Let’s give everyone the space to breath and perhaps a dehumidifier (does this one relate) 8) .

In trying to avoid some feud or some misunderstandings, let’s all be open-minded as to the differences of each of us. For others this may be hard, but if they just open up and think that they are not the only inhabitants here, it will be easy for them to do it. We are living in one world and that we must learn how to appreciate things and as I said, individual differences.

That’s it!