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I’m Bothered Again..

Hope I can get over this 🙂

Why we sometimes come to a point that we hardly decide on something? Why there was a case that in a sudden thought, you want to explore on things and leave what you currently are doing? Why are we sometimes insatiable and have not felt any fulfillment besides the fact that we are trully blessed as compared to others?

I sometimes cannot find the answers to all those questions. I even have quandaries, I am fickle-minded and always preponderate with things involved. Good thing, there were no much negative impact resulting my fickle-mindedness, God is good that I still am optimistic facing those quandaries, thus resulting to positive results.

Right now, I am in the middle of thinking to find jobs abroad, the one that will compensate me better that what I received here in the Philippines. Honestly, my current employer is so generous, yet I am unfulfilled, that I am not unsure why? Oh by the way, unfulfilled? Because, working abroad is one of my dreams, and dreaming for me is not just a matter of visualizing good things that you want to happen, I really am making effort to make those dreams a reality. I can never have a good sleep until I achieve those dreams. That’s me, never stop and never rest until those dreams are mine 🙂

It’s hart, and I hope I can get over it. I want to stay here fo long, but how, when something bothers me? Additionally, family is my main reason why I want to do such.

Till then,