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Bag Slasher

We have a new roomate, a mother from San Pablo City Laguna. Yesterday, when she reached home, she abruptly told me that her bag has been ripped and cut by a knife. A money amounting to P19,000 was stolen from her, enclosed in an envelope. She thought that it happened when she was riding a bus, in a crowded bus. Sad, we felt sad as to what happened to her, we just hope that the stolen money will be used or the purpose is good.

So much something about that, she is 46 years old, and I noticed that she still has a glowing face’ skin, I asked her if she is using anything on her face, or even a best eye cream was tried, yet she told me she uses nothing, just a mere facial washing. I was amazed! I wish I have that look when I reach her age 😛

Till then,