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Boys are Boys

And I am one of them! 8) Just kidding. Anyway, why this entitles such? Simple!, I can somehow understand why boys are boys, I have two siblings who are boys though. And arrrrrrrrrr, as in super arrrrrrrrrr… I have nothing to say, dumb i am here, both of them have different attitudes, I may say sometimes are opposite. The older one is lonesome, the other one is adventurous, one-woman man and a playboy respectively, the older is contented to watch his younger brother plays, the younger is athletic, and I sometime place my sport bets during his basketball games, his team wins!

Boys are boys, they usually go home late, and sometimes, at the dawn when everyone is having a deep sleep. Boys are boys, they eat like as if we always have luscious foods and viands, boys are boys, you seldom see them helping the household chores, boys are boys, but we love them, I love the boys in my family. Though they are boys, they have traits that are worth to love. I stand as the nice ate to them, and I love it! Boys are boys, thoughtful are they, tough, but I see them crying and weeping when one of us is in dire and sick, our boys cry when they see my mother suffers with something. I am touched when they express their gratitude to me, and to us.

Thats how and what boys are boys 🙂

Till then,