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Let’s Make Every Day of Our Lives Happy

TGIF, Thanks God It’s Friday!, not a restaurant but an expression we often utter during the last day of the week. Work is over, here comes weekend, time to enjoy two days of vacation, prowl everywhere and have something to make you relaxed. We  all feel happy during Friday don’t we?

Yet wait, is that really the only day that can make us happy? Why not try to make everyday a Friday so we always are feeling happy, how is that? Let us make everday of our lives happy, enjoy every second, every minute and every hour as if that day is our last 🙂

A message from Joel Osteen and I want to share it with you.

“A study recently came out stating that people’s happiness increases 10% on Fridays. Why is that? Because people get excited about the weekend. They’ve made up their minds that on Fridays they can enjoy their lives that much more. But what if we lived every day as if it were Friday? What if we gave ourselves permission to be happy all the time and enjoy every day? Not just on the weekends, not just when you have a special event, not just when you’re going on vacation. I believe that if you will choose the right mindset, you can be just as happy today—on Monday—as you were on Friday.

Notice that Scripture doesn’t say, “Friday is the day that the Lord has made.” No, it says, “This is the day that the Lord has made.” This means today—Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. This means when it’s raining, when you have to work late, or when you have to do housework. You’ve probably heard the saying, “TGIF—Thank God it’s Friday.” For you and me it should be, “TGIM – Thank God it’s Monday.” “TGIW – Thank God it’s Wednesday.” “TGIS – Thank God it’s Sunday.” We should choose to be happy and live every day like it’s Friday. And I know some days are more difficult than others, but if we will program our minds in the right direction, we won’t have to drag through the week. Remember, faith is always in the now. Our attitude should be, “I’m excited to be alive right now. I’m excited to have air to breathe today. I’m excited about my family, my health, and my opportunities. I have plenty of reasons to be happy right now.”

I encourage you to make the decision to be happy today. You may not be exactly where you want to be in life, but you can be happy where you are. If you’ll wake up every morning and declare, “This is going to be a great day;” not only will you enjoy life more, but you’ll brighten other people’s day. You’ll be filled with His joy and strength, and you’ll be a blessing everywhere you go!”

I was enlightened when I read this, tinamaan ako dun, I feel the same way during Friday. Starting now, I will enjoy every moment of life and make my days as happy as Fridays and weekends 8)

I also sometimes feel sluggish waking up in the mornig “ang sarap matulog”, my alarm keeps on alarming me but I always ignored it, going back to dozing. Why? I am aware that it isn’t good, I must act positively to stop it. I need to have the zest everytime I wake up, so the rest will follow 🙂

Till then,