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Summer, As in Super Dooper Hot!!

As one of the tropical countries in the world, summer really really is hot! Sweat all over your face and body as you walk down what if those who are working out to burn fats and want to be fit! Wet, wet, wet… I bet if those are disciplined enough, their ideal body weight is at hand. If not, perhaps they should try phosphacore.

Phosphacore claims that one can lose up to 2 inches and 7 lbs a week, so how is that, isn’t it worth to try?

Let’s get back to summer. I don’t really perspire, not much like today, I realized that it is now summertime. When I was heading my way to the office, and headed the minicab terminal, I didn’t dare opening my umbrella, I walked under the sun, and sweat rolled in my body, proof that it is really hot 8) .

Let’s grab this once a year season *hmmmmm* beaches are waiting for us to visit, swim and get wet! it’s time to pamper ourselves and enjoy the heat of the sun. Don’t mind your complexion, don’t mind that you might get sunburn, .kiber, all I want is to enjoy summer! 8)

Till then,