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Life is Sometimes Too Short

So live your life to the fullest, as if every day is the last. You never know when will your last day be. Express your love and gratitude to all the people around you.

It is but hard when you lose someone you love or someone who was part of your life. Especially when he left in an unexpected time and event. Memories are the only token left behind.

A townmate, classmate and a friend recently joined our Creator, he left his family and friends in an unexpected time. I was startled when I learned that he had a motorcycle accident and did not survive. Life is too short, he was so young. I am not sure though if he had fulfilled his mission here on earth or had lived his life to the fullest.

He’d been a good friend, our kababata, my classmate since kinder time until high school, had a teasing moments with lots of girls, naughty but friendly, he sometimes went into shaky and crooked lane, but I know he was able to take the straight path.

I saw him two weeks ago in the basketball league in our barangay, he was the player then. He was supposed to compete with my brother’s team. But unfortunately, he will never make it to the finals anymore 🙁

I was so sad, it is because we had fun times together with the rest of our batch and classmates. He always greeted me every time we bumped. I hope for the best, it’s hard for those people he left behind, but i know they will be able to cope up with it.

Wherever he is, we express our empathy and we will never forget you!

Till then