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What A Wonderful Sunday!

Sad but fun, sad because we visited our lost old friend and childhood friend. It was a sad scene to see that one of our friends is already lying in a casket. We watched his pictures and saw how happy he had lived his life, full smiles were shown and wide grin sometimes. I felt sad and symphatize with his left loved ones, I know how hard it is to be in such event of ones life. His mother is almost voiceless, good thing we saw her smiling when we talked to her and told her some stories and experiences we had during our elementary days.

After an hour, we left him, and will never be seeing again, that’s the fact that is also hard to accept. Life goes on..after some storms.

We walked few meters and reached the house of another friend, unfortuntely she wasn’t there so we went straight ahead heading the way back our homes. Yet remembered that there are still friends’ residence along the way and we decided to stopped by again, in Lanie’s home. Had a loud and fun chat, me, Ate Bebot, Menmen and Reynolds. We also spent approximately one hour there, talking about everything we missed. Hope to have some reunion this year.

It was a bit fun, visiting homes of old friends, though just few. But having a quality time with three of my long time friends eked here to the happiness we felt. We never had this since we graduated high school, this was the first time after eleven years, that is why it really is worth it to have get together.

I did not have my siesta, but not regret it, I had fun, wish to happen it again 🙂

Till then,