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Andie Eigenmann’s New Look

She’s sexy and lovely now. Everyone is wondering what she did to achieve that shape and lost 30lbs in two months (whoa, hope I am right)? First time I saw her was on PBB, she was chubby then, but now, she looks great! She did dieting for Agua Bendita. Know what, when Agua Bendita has not been started yet, I thought the main character is Angel Locsin, she really looks like her!


Andie before during PBB season


this is her now, looks like Angel Locsin, lovely!

My nuffnang statistics shows that there are people searching how Andie or what Andie did in order to achieve that “after” look, I surmise those are the teenagers. If you are amongg those teens and now trying some diet tea or pills, you should know the diet pills side effects first before taking them. Don’t just take seek advice from the health expert, it’s the best way to be safe and be healthy!

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