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He Said Behind All Those

It was my first time to attend a meeting de avance held in our barangay. Last Sunday, April 25, Vice Mayor Tom Ilao who is running for mayor in Tiaong, The meeting started at seven, after all the eight councilors spoke about their flatforms, plans and etc., there came the time for Sir Tom Ilao, I am used to calling him such, he was my teacher when I was in high school.

He started his speech at eleven pm and ended at 12:45, he spoke about more than two hours. You might be thinking what were he say that it took him that long? Well enough, all he said was the truth behind all those. It was then that he opened our innocent eyes to what are happening in municipality of Tiaong, who to blame?

He spoke to the public with courage, with confidence, he showed a lot of evidences vouching all what he said. He started it by disclosing that our town has a yearly Php20,000,000 budget, where does this go? He also told about the money lent worth Php40,000,000 that funded the new public market, but with high monthly rent for those who wants to own a store. He also shared that the municipality wanted to owe another Php70,000,000 with a Php35,000,000 interest, how is that, where will the government get the amortization for this? As per explanation, this amount should be used to build additional school buildings like an LNHS extension to be built in Talisay, a Recto extension, a commercial building, a road construction, but all those were disapproved, sayang man pero nakabubuti, salamat vice for disapproving them! Kami sanang taong bayan ang sasalo sa pagbabayad ng mga utang na yun.. Kaya pala, I saw before the streamer along the hiway going home na “On this site, soon to rise LNHS exrension” tapos all of a sudden, nawala na, same with Jollibee in old Tiaong public market, there was a streamer before nagsasabing soon to rise Jollibee, but was gone..bidding anomaly…

 He shared a lot of astonishing truths, but I am protecting him and myself not to disclose some of them. Those things I have written here are just few of many truths heard during the meeting. I know, he shared these to all barangays in Tiaong, nonly in Cabatang,and not we alone were shocked, but all those who were there in the meeting.

Please don’t get me wrong writing this, I only share what I heard.

We just hope that a peaceful election will still happen, no blood shedding. Let’s have one of our rights, let us vote wisely and intelligently!!

Till then