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What He Needs Is

I remember shell offered Ferrari parts to their customers, not just parts but a minature of their cars, cute! And lately, I saw one of my classmates has a ferrari cellphone. Cute! it works as a normal cellphone, I want to get it from her 🙂

Just want to make this post confusing hehehehe, what he needs is courage, courage and mettle to cope with all the issues coming along the way. He shall be able to make things manageable. No one is responsible to make things happen but himself only.

I think this is the post I made as balderdash, I have no specific topic to talk to. I don’t know, maybe because, I had few post lately, I have been so busy with work and hardly found time to visit my blog and make entries. I want to have something interesting, but how? Tell me 🙂

Till then,