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I Wish I Have More

This has nothing to do with something very special, just a topic about what I’ve got for years of working and jumping. It was part of my dream, part of my plan, part that thankfully I was able to have it! I envied those who own a refrigerator wuenching their thirst with chilling water and juices, don’t laugh at me, it was true, I wish we have one then, but I couldn’t make it during that time. I envied my cousins white westinghouse ref full of refrigerator magnets and wishing that mine someday I have them toO!

Thankfully as I said, due to the luck and blessing I received, I was able to acquire one unit of refrigerator and now utilizes at home. When we acquired one last July 2008, we hastily bought something to put in it, and enjoy chilling water and juices. Unfortunately, I only have one refrigerator magnet, but though one, I love it because I bought and brought if from my US business travel last year, a very memorable token I have. And I realize it is one of the nice hobbies one must try, collecting magnets from different places visited. So it’s like mapping the places you’ve gone, I wanted to start from then. Count down begins..

Till then,