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Few Steps to Start Your Own Blog

To help my classmates start their own blog and to earn from it, I am making this post just for them. Follow these steps and you will surely get there, bear in mind that what will I suggest is based on my experience.

I had my first blog at, entire posts are just about anything. Next, was at, the free domain offered by, it was the, unfortunately, wordpress does not accept advertisement and any paid icon like payperpost, dneero etc, so it was suspended after earning thousands of visitors. I cannot access it now.

And then finally, as advised by my friend, I went to (sorry classmates, I can’t link the page as this might look as paid post), i bought a domain for Php600 and the disk or memory worth P400, I paid a total of Php1,000, that’s renewable. You can actually select from the package they offer, I bought the cheapest! You have three options to pay, by paying through their BDO account (don’t worry, will send you the account name and account number), by LBC (same, will send you the options to pay). After you pay, they will send you the steps how to activate your domain, you may choose a website or a blog, just choose blog. Oh by the way, before proceeding to, you need to think of the nice and appealing url, make it creative and unique! Mine is, why, because I want my name indexed in google or every time my name is searched, I want it appears in just one click of the mouse, try it!. Basically, that is the first step you need to do.

You also need to register to, it is where you receive the payment from advertisers once you get approved by them. You only need to provide your email address and address. Please note that at your initial registration, they will ask for your credit card account, it is necessary, they will charge you an amount of less than P100, don’t worry, it will be returned to your account, purpose of them is just to verify that you really have an account. You also need to enrol your bank account number and name, paypal will ask for a bank code, you may email paypal to inquire what is the code of your bank account, or you may just ask me, I will be willing to retrieve it from my email 🙂

 Once you already set up your blog, you can have the google adsense right away, adsense does not ask how old your blog is, just google it, use keyword adsense, and register. Anything like code will be pasted to your blog, please be wary of editing the codes, your template might be ruined, to be sure, copy the original html design before editing so you have a back up. By the way, what is adsense? It is an advertisement it be links or banner, anyone who visits your blog and click those, you will get paid for it, just don’t click it by yourself, you will not get paid, the IP address is recorded in adsense, ask your friends instead 🙂 After $100 worth of clicks, you can now receive check.

You can also register at, it is like the adsense, the only difference is, nuffnang offers fabulous contests to the bloggers, and I won once! Just follow the instructions nuffnang will give you. You need also to register your blog, the url and the title. You have to reach P2,000 worth of click before you receive a check.

This is how you can actually earn from blogging, by making a post or review. If your blog is three month-old, you can register it to,,,,,,, and ah from them I get paid, especially from blogadvertisingstore, payu2blog and payperpost. Amount of post starts from $5-10, payu2blog has a fixed $5.00 rate, but they give you minimum of six assignments or opportunities each week, and they pay you after two weeks. Payperpost also gives you  opportunities to write, and amount ranges from $1-10, payment will be sent after 30 days. All of them send payment through, that’s how important paypal is.

It’s up to you what topic will you write, mine is just about anything and everything under the sun. You can blog about foods and fashion, entertainment or politics, just be wary about what you write, you might get sued or anything if you’re hitting someone. Just hit yourself jejeje,…

That’s the few steps to start your blog. Just pm me or comment here if you have questions…

Guys, I already had my first salary from blogging 🙂 so start yours now!

Till then,